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Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan


Welcome to AACCOM.

Breaking News (05-27-2011)



1. The pre -registration for the 2011 Fall starts 5/13 until 5/27. Please go to to register the classes.

IMPORTANT: Because Ann Arbor Public Schools no longer offers open wireless access for privately owned devices like computers , we are unable to help you do the online registration at school from now on. Please go online AT HOME . After you registered online, PRINT out the registration form and submit the FORM with your CHECK from  7:00-8:00  pm in the multipurpose room. Register by 5/27 (this Friday) to waive the registration fee.   If you have any technical issues online, please contact

2. School End Ceremony

Location : Northside Multi-Purpose Room

Date/Time : May 27th, 2011 7:00pm ~ 9:50pm

6:30pm ~ 7:00pm: Multi-Purpose Room Setup

7:00pm ~ 7:15pm: Student Stay in Class.Teachers in charge: parents time

7:15pm ~ 7:20pm: All students move to Multi-Purpose Room class-based.Classes need to sit at assigned area(see here for the seating chart). A chair will be prepared for each teacher who is responsible for students behaviors

7:30pm ~8:00pm:Graduation Party

1. diploma –7 graduate

2. program

8:00pm ~8:15pm:Speech Contest Winners Awards.

8:15pm ~ 8:30pm:Story Telling Contest Winners Awards.

8:30pm ~ 8:40pm:Chess Contest Awards * RED

8:40pm ~ 8:50pm:Table Tennis Awards *

8:50pm ~ 9:00pm:Recognition

a. Parent Representatives
b. Extra-Curriculum Class Teacher
c. Regular Class Teachers
d. Management Team

9:00pm ~ 9:10pm: Introducing new Principal ( Board )

9:10pm ~ 9:50pm:Party Time Cake/ Snacks / Soft Drink


9:50pm ~ 10:00pm: Close. Good Bye 2010-2011 Calendar year.

School News

    1.AACCOM 2011 Ping-Pong Tournament Update :

    AACCOM 2011 Ping-Pong Tournament update:
    Final results:
    Men's single: (1) 方英哲 , (2) 江景輝 , (3) 曾一正
    Women's single: (1) 張惠琳 , (2) 楊貴美 , (3) 李佩憶
    Parent-student double: (1) ( 方禹平,方英哲 ),(2) ( 江睿安,江景輝 ), (3) ( 江睿明,江景輝 )
    Student Division A: (1) 鍾弘景 , (2) 龐碩 , (3) 王彥斌
    Student Division B: (1) 江睿安 , (2) 洪凱 , (3) 吳依帆

    The trophies and gifts to all participants will be delivered in the school end ceremony. Please try your best to attend the ceremony.

2. Zhong-Zi Fund Raising ( 粽子 )

First of all, I'd like to thank you all to support the NCKUAA-MI zhong-zi fund raising event.
Due to the popular order of the zhong-zi, the NCKUAA-MI has reached its fund raising goal. Therefore, we have to stop the order process earlier.

Because the amount of the order from Ann Arbor and to convenient the delivery process, NCKUAA-MI board has decided to have one of the zhong-zi making session in Ann Arbor.  We have invited a zhong-zi-making master in Ann Arbor. As the suggestion of the zhong-zi master, the content of the salty kind will be changed slightly, it will have marinated pork, black mushroom, and peanuts (there will be several orders which have no peanuts). If you changed your mind and want to drop the order due to the content change, I will understand. Please contact me at 734-678-2173 by 11:00 pm on May 23, 2011 .

All the Zhong-Zi will be ready on Friday 27, 2011 . I will be in multi-purpose room for pick up. Again, on behalf of NCKUAA-MI, I'd like to thank you for supporting our fund raising event.


Community Activities


1. Interpreter Needed

Some 200 kindergarten children and their families in the Ann Arbor area have been randomly selected to take part in an important study sponsored by the National Center for Education Statistics, a division of the Department of Education. It is called The Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 2010-2011 (ECLS-K: 2011). My role in this study is to collect data from both the selected parents and their children. Please refer to the attached brochure which contains the specifics about the study.

We have several selected parents to interview whose native language is something other than English and they would be much more comfortable conducting the interview in their native language. At this time, I have 3 Chinese, 2 Korean and 1 Japanese family(s) who would like to fully participate in the study, if we can locate capable interpreters.

Each interview will take about 90 minutes, depending on the respondent's answers. Generally, the interviews are conducted over the phone and we can arrange to have a conference call if that is most convenient. Otherwise, the parent, interpreter and interviewer (myself) can meet at an arranged public place like a school or library.

The interpreter will have to sign and have notarized an affidavit of non-disclosure (form attached to this email) and will be compensated in cash for their time. Because this is a long-term study, they will have an opportunity to assist us annually for the extent of the study, approximately 5 more years.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you may offer in the form of recommendations for capable adult interpreters.

Thank you.

Patricia Mazzola
ECLS-K:2011 Assessor
(734) 929-2931

2. T-Shirts to Raise Japan Disaster Relief Fund


Thank you for all your support.  We have sold over 400 shirts and are in the process of ordering additional ones.  Currently, we still have some youth large left.  Please email .  We will place our second order very soon.


3. 2011 Michigan Youth folk custom technique summer camp


Objectives : Provide learning opportunities to American Youth in traditional Chinese Culture and modern diversified Taiwanese culture. Develop personal creativity and social networking skills set in a well structured camp activity.

Camp Time: 8/8 (Monday) to 8/13 (Saturday).

Camp Site : Concorde Inn of Rochester Hills –1919 Star-Batt Dr. Rochester Hills MI 48309(Crooks Road and M-59)

Program: Chinese folksy training (Chinese You-You, martial arts, floral formula rope, skipping, Kicking shuttlecock, Whipping top .), the Chinese folksy dance (Chinese Kung-Fu dance, Mongolian dance, long sleeves dance, sword dance….), the folksy craft (Leather-Silhouette show, seal cutting, Chineseb knot, straw braiding, paper art…).

Click here for details


4. An Unfamiliar Landscape: Understanding Contemporary Taiwanese and Chinese Art


Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011, 2-4 PM

Place: Yi Bao Yan Restaurant, 4905 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, 48104

Click here for details


The registration of 2010 Spring term is going on.  Welcome to join us  !

Please Contact for assistance


2011-05 Local Community Activities



Dear parents, guardians, and members of AACCOM,

Beginning from this coming Friday, October 23, 2009, we’ll start to sell Scrip program gift cards, Chinese grocery stores gift certificates and Whole Foods Market gift card to raise fund for AACCOM school operation.  Each gift card/certificate you purchase will earn certain percentage of rebate for AACCOM.   For Scrip program, the list of stores and percentage of rebate can be found in the attached pdf.  For China Market (中國商場) and Hua Xing Asia Market (華興超市), each donate 6% and 5%, respectively of the dollar amount of gift certificates we purchase.   

AACCOM would like to thank you for your continuous support in advance.

By the way, would those parents/guardians/members who signed up to volunteer to help on fundraising please contact Wen-Lung Huang ( or Queenie Tsai (蔡惠珍) at .  We’ll come up a schedule so we can have at least one person each week in multipurpose room in this semester to sell gift cards/certificates.  Your help is highly appreciated.