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AACCOM Weekly News 1/24/2018 安娜堡中文學校每週新聞 2/21/2018

Hi All School Members,
Since school was closed last Friday, the last day of Spring registration is postponed to this Friday, 2/23. (7-8 pm)
由於上週五停課,因此春季班新生註冊截止日延至本週五 2/23 7:00-8:00pm.

Registration for 2018 Spring



Tuition: $15 Registration fee / family

  • Pre-A / Pre-B Class / CFL Conversation for Preschool   $95
  • K-12 / CFL Conversation for Children / CFL Conversation for Adult   $155
  • Extra-curricular classes: tuition depends on the class

 $30 Volunteer Deposit / family

  • $10 depoit per AACCOM event/role upon registration, for a total of 3 events/roles for volunteering opportunities
  • Full refund after volunteering is fulfilled

On-site Registration Schedule:

  • Date: 2/23  (Please note that THIS FRIDAY is the last day for classes transfer, drop w/ 100% tuition refunds, & registration)
  • Time:  Friday 7-8 pm
  • Place: King Multipurpose Room (3800 Waldenwood Ann Arbor MI 48105)
  1. Register online at en/node/8
  2. Print the registration form after you registered online. If you have any tech questions, please contact
  3. Submit your registration form and check (payable to AACCOM) to complete the registration.

2018 春季班註冊 (僅限新學生)


學費:$15 註冊費/家庭

  • 學前A/B班/學前會話班 $95
  • 基礎班~高中班/會話兒童班/會話成人班 $155
  • 課外活動班: 因班而異 

$30 志工保證金/家庭

  • 每個家庭註冊時需繳交三十元的保證金,於學年中擔任志工參與安娜 堡中文學校的活動與事務。
  • 保證金將於參與三項活動與事務後,全額退還。


2018 Spring Semester Shadow Puppet class

Shadow Puppet Class @ AACCOM (Spring 2018)
Coordinator: Tzy-Wen Gong 龔姿文



1. Introduce Chinese/Taiwanese shadow puppetry for story telling

2. Appreciate Chinese/Taiwanese shadow puppetry using online and museum resources

3. Establish a shadow puppet theater consisting of students (grades 6-16) and adults to create and perform shadow plays and to promote this folk art.

4. Cultivate interests and sustainable operation of the shadow puppet theater that would become a new tradition and an iconic specialty of AACCOM

2018 Spring Semester: Tentative Class Schedule

  • Week 1 (2/23): Introduction: traditional shadow plays in China & Taiwan (part I)
  • Week 2 (3/2): Introduction (part II), story selection
  • Week 3 (3/9): puppet making from preassembled kits; story plot
  • Week 4 (3/16): puppet making; script writing/fine tuning
  • Week 5 (3/23): puppet making; script writing/fine tuning
  • Week 6 (4/6): puppet making; script writing/fine tuning
  • Week 7: (4/13, off-site): puppet making; script fine tuning
  • week 8 (4/20): audio recording
  • Week 9 (4/27): audio recording/rehearsal
  • Week 10 (5/4): audio recording/rehearsal
  • Week 11 (5/11): rehearsal (with screen/lights)
  • Week 12 (5/18): final rehearsal (with screen/lights)
  • Week 13 (5/25): celebration and debriefing



2017 Ann Arbor Chinese School Fall Semester will start on 9/15/2017 2017中文學校秋季班開學通知

All School Members,

Welcome to a new school year!! We look forward to meeting all students and families and having fun of learning Chinese together. Following is the information you should know.



Fall Semester Start Date 秋季班開課日期: 9/15/2017 PM7:00 (Friday 星期五)

School Address 學校地址: King Elementary School (3800 Waldenwood Dr. Ann Arbor, MI)

Classroom Arrangement 
教室位置: Please see the attached classroom map 請參照附件教室位置圖
School Guideline: AACCOM facility is rented from King Elementary School. King Elementary School's guideline should be abided by all membersPlease see the attached school guideline. 安娜堡中文學校的場地設施皆向King Elementary School承租,請大家協助遵守場地使用規則,場地使用規定請參照附件

Parking Rules停車規定 

Compliance to the parking rules in this area is reinforced by Ann Arbor Police and towing companies. Parking violators could receive ticket from the police or could be towed without notice. If a vehicle is towed, the owner will have to pay around $200 (towing, storage, and misc. fees) to retrieve the vehicle. So, it’s important to understand and follow the parking rules.

2017 AACCOM Winter Term Parking Information

Dear AACCOM Families,
I hope you enjoyed the summer break and are looking forward to the new school year.  This email includes revised parking and classroom information.
As a reminder, compliance to the parking rules in this area is reinforced by Ann Arbor Police and towing companies.  Parking violators could receive ticket from the police or could be towed without notice.  If a vehicle is towed, the owner will have to pay around $200 (towing, storage, and misc. fees) to retrieve the vehicle.  So, it’s important to understand and follow the parking rules.
Attached is an aerial photo of King Elementary School, showing the parking arrangements.  The areas that need attention are:
  • No Parking areas are highlighted by red lines.  This includes both sides of the circular drive in front of school main entrance, entire west side of Waldenwood Dr., and east side of Waldenwood Dr. in front of the school.  Also, no Chinese school parking in the three cul-de-sac to the west of the school.
  • Parking areas are highlighted by green lines.  This includes the school parking lot, east side of Waldenwood Dr. (except for the area in from of the school), and neighboring side streets.
Also attached is a copy of the classroom arrangement.  Please note that some classes are using different classrooms this year.  
I hope this email clarifies the parking arrangement and class locations.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.  
Jau-Wen Tseng
Security Team Leader

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If you have a Kroger Plus card, please register it and add AACCOM as your Community Rewards organization. If you do not have one, apply one at your Kroger store for free. By selecting Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan as your Community Rewards organization, every time you shop at Kroger, Kroger will donate money to AACCOM. Please follow the instructions below to help AACCOM:


How to Register Your Kroger Plus Card and Link It to the ANN ARBOR CHINESE CENTER OF MICHIGAN:

These instructions are for Kroger shoppers who have a Kroger Plus Card but do not have a Kroger online 

account. The Kroger Plus Card is not a gift card, and it does not carry a balance. You can get one at the Kroger Customer Service desk. You must use it at least once in order to activate it, so that you can set up your account. If you already have a Kroger account, you can start with Step 12 below to select the ANN ARBOR CHINESE CENTER OF MICHIGAN as your Community Rewards organization.


  1. In your web browser, go to .

  1. Click on Create an account near the upper right-hand corner.

  1. Fill in your e-mail address and create a password, then click save and continue.

  1. Fill in a zip code and click find stores.

  1. Choose a store from the dropdown list and click save and continue.

  1. Select Yes, I have a Kroger Plus Card.

  1. Fill in your Kroger Plus Card Number--it's the string of digits under the barcode on the back of your Kroger Plus Card. Please do not include any spaces. Also fill in your last name and zip code and click "save and continue."

  1. Select any boxes you wish for receiving e-mails (or not), and click save and continue.

  1. Select the box in front of *I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click complete registration.

  1. The next screen asks you to check your e-mail.

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  1. Now you have been redirected to the Kroger website ( Click on the Sign In button.

  1. Type in your e-mail address and password and click Sign In.

  1. Click on the My Account button and select Account Settings.  This will open the Account Summary.

  1. Click the Edit button in the Community Rewards box in the lower right corner.

  1. In the box under Find Your Organization, type the following: 91841 Then, click Search.

  1. You should now see ANN ARBOR CHINESE CENTER OF MICHIGAN under Select Your Organization. Here's the important part: Select the radio button in front of ANN ARBOR CHINESE CENTER OF MICHIGAN. Then click save changes.

  1. After saving, the screen should return to the Account Summary.  Verify that ANN ARBOR CHINESE CENTER OF MICHIGAN is listed as the Organization Name in the Community Rewards box.

  1. If you see it there, you're done! If you don't see it, please try repeating the steps starting with step 15. Thank you!

About Us

Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan (AACCOM) --also known as "Ann Arbor Chinese School"-- was established in 1974, is a non-profit organization open to the public. Over the past few decades, our organization has served hundreds of young people and families in Lower Michigan and the Toledo area.


The School is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions.


AACCOM has a rich collection of Chinese educational and culture-related books, audiocassettes, and videotapes. These carefully selected and assembled resources are available to all members. They supplement teaching materials in classes and keep the Chinese learning experience interesting and stimulating.

The mission

Long Term Goal : Establish a Chinese Learning environment with high quality and high efficiency. Integrated its Chinese education with the Chinese learning in various levels of local public schools · Involve in the development and implementation of Chinese education planning in local public schools Provide a communication channel to serve local Chinese society.

Short Term Goal : Enhance the curriculum and contents of regular class Enrich the variety of extra-curriculum class and cultural class Standardize school management system

School Hours and Location

Ann Arbor Chinese School follows the calendar of Ann Arbor Public School from September through early June. All regular classes are held on Friday evenings, 7:00 pm-8:50 pm, Extra curriculum classes are offered from 9:00pm to 9:50 pm. All classes are held on the  King Elementary School (3800 Waldenwood, Ann Arbor, MI 48105)

Contact Information:

You can mail us at P.O. Box 130733, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0733 or send email to